Thursday, 31 July 2014

Late to the Party!?- Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

As you can suggest by the title..I am most definitely late to Naked 3 palette blog party! However I have had this little beauty since January! Before this I had never been the lucky owner of an Urban Decay Naked palette and with this particular one being rose gold themed..I immediately thought "It needs to be in my life!"

I did however have a few concerns before buying it:

1. Shades of pink are sometimes very hard to pull off on certain people and with my yellow toned (Simpson) skin..I was very hesitant.

2. It isn't the most cheapest of palettes (lets be honest).

All this being said..I went and bloody got the thing.

Here is the palette in all of it's glory. The majority of the colours in this palette are shimmery ones with the exception of three which are matte. The texture of each of these shadows is quite simply amazing, they are all very pigmented and go on like a dream. The majority of them blend in very well, the matte shades tend to be a bit more hard work but I think that is more of a general thing that comes along with wearing mattes.

Here are all the swatches from the palette from left to right:

Strange- The lightest shade in the palette. It is a very light pink/beige colour which looks more beige in the palette. It is a matte and I use it as a brow highlight and is also good to help blend in other shadows.

Dust- Baby pink with silver sparkles. As the name suggests it is more of a dusty kind of eyeshadow and does tend to fall out onto the cheeks if you are not careful. I can see this being great for the inner corners of the eye.

Burnout- Salmon shimmery shade. This is very well pigmented and has less sparkles in it than Dust. This would make a lovely natural look if washed all over the eyelid.

Limit- This is the second matte colour. I would say this is a light mauve that also works well as an all over the eyelid colour. Other than that I think this is the most boring shade. :(

Buzz- Deep mauve shimmery shade. The texture to this is very similar to Burnout however it has more sparkle. I would say this is one of my favourites in the palette especially for on a night out!

Trick- Bronze with gold shimmer. This is one shade that looks out of place with the rest of the colours. None the less, it is a beautiful shade but one of my less used.

Nooner- My favourite matte of the whole palette. This is more of a plum/mauve colour and works extremely well on the outer corners of the eye. It is difficult to blend in, but once done it looks great!

Liar- The most rose gold colour out of the whole palette. It is one of my most used shades, as it isn't too dark and can be worn as part of an everyday look.

Factory- This is again a beautiful pigmented shade. It's more of a dark neutral brown and has less sparkles than the rest of the other lighter shades. This is great for making your eyes look dramatic on a night out! I love it!

Mugshot- Taupe shade very similar to Satin Taupe by MAC, but just a hint lighter. This is again one of my most used shades and works great together with the shade Liar.

Darkside- I believe this to be the most colder looking shadow out of all of the palette. It is shimmery and if used sparingly on the outer corners of the eye it makes a lovely smokey look.

Blackheart- The last shade in the palette. I feel this is the most unique and yet less used by myself. The eyeshadow itself is black however it has a pink glitter which makes the shadow look less dark and harsh.

All in all I love the whole palette. However I'm more of a fan of the darker section of it, as most of the lighter shades are very glittery and not as pigmented! Now I just need to invest in Naked 1 and 2. BLAH!

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Important MAC Eyeshadows..

Hey guys!

I have wanted a MAC duo palette for a long time, but it was so hard to determine what two "special" colours I would put in there that I would use on a daily basis.

I knew I wanted a highlight and an eyebrow shade, as before I was using a mixture of the brown and black shades from my Stila "In the Light Palette". For travelling about, the Stila palette isn't very compact at all. Picking the right eyebrow shade proved a challenge as I have very dark eyebrows and I had heard the shade "Brun" would be perfect. The lady in the MAC store however said that it may be too dark and once applied on the eyebrows it would go slightly darker anyways. She suggested the shade "Expresso" would work very well. This is a medium brown colour which is very pigmented. Even though my eyebrows are slightly darker than the shade, it works perfectly. So girls go lighter on the eyebrows rather than darker! I have also heard that grey eyeshadows work well on brown eyebrows..I may have to invest in the near future.

The highlight shade I picked is "Brule" a cream shade that has a slight pink undertone. It is also very pigmented and a great shadow for either eyelid or under the eyebrow. Both of these colours are matte and the textures of them are amazing and a reason why I love MAC eyeshadows.

The great thing about both of these shades are that they work incredible together on the eyelid. "Expresso" is fantastic for using in the crease and whilst both of these colours may be seen as "boring" they look great for an evening out look and do not look boring on at all if blended in well. In fact I think these would be the first eyeshadows I will hit pan on.

I AM BACK! surely has been a while!

October 2013 (as a matter of a fact) was my last blog post and since then I have been incredibly busy. What with beginning my first year at university and having an extortionate amount of work to do. My previous blog, which I created in late 2012- early 2013 had been something I could do in order to take my mind off other things and be creative, something of which I am not. Unfortunately starting uni aswell as other life things kind of got in the way and I lost a little of writing..blogging inspiration and I haven't posted in over 6 months! 

It is now Summer 2014 and I miss being part of the blogging community. I have still been reading blogs because i'm uber nosey but being able to write whatever I want and have people read it was something I loved and now something I want to re-experience.

So..I have created a new blog! :) Time for introductions...

HEY! I'm Rachel. A 20 year old "student"/ part time checkout girl (BLAH)! I study Microbiology at Nottingham Trent Uni and I am having a blast. 

Other than uni..I love anything beauty based. I am an avid MAC lipstick lover and I wish to expand my Chanel and Dior lip gloss collection. I am addicted to microchips, pizza and netflix but other than that I'm pretty darn boring! HA! 

Thanks for reading guys! Bring on the blog posts!