Thursday, 13 November 2014

Christmas/Winter Wishlist

Hello guys. Here we go with the Christmas themed blog posts, and yes I am starting early. After Halloween, I am feeling so Christmassy and believe it or not I want the tree up now. Too early?..

Here is a little wishlist, (that has made me want to go shopping so bad, being a student is terrible sometimes), I have created with Christmas and the Winter months in mind. So yes, that means onesie, tartan, Christmas jumper loving time.

The shape of these is so peculiar it is definitely a love it hate it kind of boot. The ankle cutaway gives the boot a little edge and would look great with a dress and black tights! Need these in my life.

Who doesn't have a tartan object in their life? This little beauty is beautiful and would look great teamed up with a leather jacket.  

This is by far the best Christmas party kind of dress I have seen, pretty much ever. The embellishment over the whole dress is simply stunning and the low back makes it special. The frill at the bottom of the dress reminds me of "The Great Gatsby" film! The only problem with this beauty is the price. Offt.

It is that time of year again where all the onesies can come out! This one looks so warm and cosy, especially on those cold nights. I love the fact it has a fur hood, so you can get even more cosy! AH!

So Christmas is not Christmas without a stupid jumper from Primark. However this one is amazing. Team it with a white shirt and a black skirt and it would look great! I will still be cracking out my Primark one this year. 

This is such an elegant coat. Something I wish I could pull off. The bit fur collar would keep you warm in the cold days and yet you will still look amazing. Best of both worlds I say! Love it!

I love any themed socks and these are brilliant. Topshop do a range of Christmas socks, get on that hype ha! 

Sparkly nails are a must for Christmas and winter. I have tons from Barry M, great application and pigmentation! :) 

What is on your Christmas/Winter wishlist?

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