Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Girls just wana' have fun..

I love nights like these. I feel movie nights and spending time at home are very under-rated these days, especially with how out going students are, maybe I'm just not a good "student". Ha.

Last night me and a couple of my house mates decided to have a film night. Snacks and a good scary film was very much needed after having a terrible terrible day! Blah, eff you Coeliac Disease!

After watching The Conjuring, I felt very very jumpy and my friend Paolo was waiting in the toilet to scare me! I will seek my revenge ;) 

Other than being scared sh*tless, I had a lovely night in and sometimes you just need evenings like this. Time away from work and a good ole laugh.

*Sorry for the short short post, but I really wanted to shove these pictures on the blog haha! *

What things do you like to do when you are having a difficult day?

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