Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Grateful Heart Tuesday- 10 Things I am Grateful for..

Being grateful for someone or something is not very difficult at all, in fact it comes naturally, however I feel sometimes I am very bad at remembering what I am grateful for and even showing my gratefulness to friends or family. Reading up on a post by Embergrey, she had inspired me to take part in the Grateful heart link up and write down a few things I am most grateful for at this very moment in my life.

I think being grateful for something can be as big or little as you want it to. Whether it is going on that de-stressful walk that day or even having a roof over your head. Like Embergrey said, everything you write down is valid. It is what you feel in that very moment.

10 things I am grateful for on this Tuesday..

Having a roof over my head and being able to sleep in a comfy warm bed.

A good cuppa

Food being in the cupboard

Having lovely friends and family of who can make me happy even when I am at my most sad

A great Summer

Being able to move into a house of my own and become more independent

Getting everything ready and prepared for Leeds Festival! Ha! What a ball ache that was! hahaha!

Having my Mum there to help me every time I need her...<3

My Nephew's that can cheer me up and even make me cry with happiness

Being part of the blog community and people actually reading my shiz.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed with stress or anything I am going to keep writing a list of things I am grateful for. However big or small.

If you want to join in with the Grateful Heart link up, write down some things you are most grateful for and link me to your blogs down below!


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