Monday, 25 August 2014

What have I been doing this Summer? #2- Leeds Festival

20th August-25th August..Leeds Festival 

"Curse you Jack" has been a familar saying these past few days at Leeds festival. I think drinking Jack Daniels, Jagermeister and a hell of a lot of cider has done me right in. However memories were made this past weekend and I have had the best time with a great bunch of friends. 

Despite being cold near enough the whole time, it was well worth it. Going to watch bands I have been dying to see for ages now, such as Arctic Monkeys (Alex Turner marry me already), Blink 182, The 1975, Vampire Weekend, Twin Atlantic..(the list goes on) were amazing and being part of a brilliant atmosphere topped it off. The £30 seat of luxury was also a winner, with straightners and blow dryers to use all weekend! I am not a camper...leave me alone!

Bring on August 2015! :) 

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