Sunday, 17 August 2014

What have I been doing this Summer? #1- The Color Run

Sunday 1st June- Color Run day at Wembley London.  

Leading up to this run I had not trained in the slightlest. "5k...oooh that will be a breeze!". Believe it or not, for a non-runner like myself it wasn't as easy as I thought. The Color Run is a 5k fun run/walk which takes place in a lot of cities around the U.K. Obviously the color run first started in America, but I'm so glad it had come to the U.K  After having missed out on the run last year I knew I had to do it this year! Instead of a normal run it involves coloured powder of which gets thrown at you at nearly every 1k you run. You also get a free pack of powder to throw up in the air once you have finished. It was possibly one of the funnest things I have ever took part in.

After travelling for a good couple of hours we got there and were amazed to see Wembley in the flesh. Browsing the Wembley shopping centre was great and we were constantly spotting people in color run tops and getting all excited. We decided to grab a good ole pre-run Nandos as there is nothing better to do before a run! Ha! The warm up was kind of pointless but it was hilarious seeing the lads attempt a bit of Zumba!!

I had such a brilliant time and everyone was so happy, especially once everyone had ran and the music festival after party was underway. It is definitely the happiest 5K in the World. 100% signing up next year.


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