Tuesday, 16 September 2014

10 Tips on How to Budget- The Student's Guide..

Hello Guys!!

I know I am not the best person to be giving money advice to anyone, however this budget guide is more for myself to follow and for those who may quickly read and find it helpful.

Budgeting is a big big thing for students at uni. I am moving into a house with a few friends in the next couple of weeks and will need all the advice and tips I can get. What with buying food, paying rent, bills, books and having that extra cash for nights out and fun things..it can get very hectic. I have created a little guide full of tips for students that may have a fair few things to pay out for during the uni year. Boring, I know..haha! I hope you find this helpful.
  1. Buy a notebook and manage spending- I have one where I write everything down that I have bought and how much I have left in my bank. It's a brilliant method to keep up with, so you don't over spend!
  2. Pay off the most important things first- Phone contracts and car insurance and all that boring stuff that NEEDS to get paid, always has priority over other little things.
  3. Plan meals for that week- This saves a lot of money and also a lot of wasted food. Don't buy things that you know you may not eat straight away, especially fruit that may go off fast. Tinned foods are always good!
  4. Students..don't buy brand new books- We all know uni books can be very very expensive. Try amazon or ebay for second hand books, or older editions. 
  5. Part time job- If you have one, write down how much you earn and base living costs off that, rather than breaking into your student finance. Unless you have to.
  6. USE YOUR STUDENT CARD! Everyone loves a good discount.
  7. Try and save a little cash for you. Not too much you can't buy food that week but enough for a couple nights out or some type of pretty clothing. Only take out with you what you will spend on a night out. Keep the debit card at home!
  8. If you have two bank accounts, transfer what you want to spend in that particular week in one and only use that account/card. This is good for keeping on track with your budget.
  9. Drink before you go out...we all know how expensive drinks on a night out can cost. Pre-drinks are the one.
  10. Walk as much as you can around campus and to and from places. If the distance is further, invest in a bike. If you have a car think about outgoings such as petrol, tax, and insurance. 

I hope these little money saving and budgeting tips have been helpful. What tips would you give students or anyone as a matter of fact to be more savvy with their money?

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