Thursday, 4 September 2014

What Have I Been Doing This Summer? #3- Wimbledon

Wednesday 2nd July- Wimbledon Men's Singles Quarter Final Day

Having watched Wimbledon for as long as I can remember, going there has been a dream of mine for many years. Plucking up the courage to travel that far and knowing that I will be queuing and sitting around for endless hours, a few friends of mine and myself finally decided to go. 4 o'clock wakeup calls are never fun, but by the time we all got in the car to travel down to London, we were buzzing. Surprisingly, we only queued up for about 3 hours and walked straight in after that. Once we had got in to the site, the smile from my face would not fade at all. I was utterly delighted to be there. After having a walk and taking in everything we made our way to "Murray's Mount"/ "Henman's Hill", we were relieved to finally sit down. We devoured our overpriced strawberries and cream and settled down to watch a few matches. As it was Men's quarterfinals, we got to see some of my favourite players play on the big screen. Unfortunately Murray was knocked out, but it didn't ruin the atmosphere one bit. I had such a fantastic day, and I hope to get tickets onto centre court in the very near future. :)

After queueing for what seemed like a life time, especially after getting up so early that day, we reached the entrance to the site. Walking through this special tunnel contraption was simply amazing. I know, I know, we hadn't even entered the place before I was in awe of everything. This walkway was special because it shown the "magical" moments that have made up tennis history. 

There were an array of sweets and other goodies to buy around Wimbledon. The prices however were extortionate but that is really to be expected I guess. I still managed to buy a tennis ball key ring to add to my collection. It is a shame I couldn't really be parting with anymore of my money for other wimbo merchandise. I could have done with that Ralph Lauren top though. ;)

Henman hill was as packed as it always is and surprisingly I thought it seemed smaller in real life. The atmosphere was something I haven't quite witnessed or been apart of ever. We were all so supportive of Andy Murray, however there were the odd group of people supporting the opposing man. They were loud and proud and yet still managed to get out of the place alive. Ha! 

After watching some live tennis on the smaller courts, I decided to have a browse round the whole site. (again). Seeing the Fred Perry statue was amazing and me being me, I had to take a photo of it. Of course I was sporting a Fred Perry top that day. 

Have you ever been Wimbledon? If so, how was your Wimbo experience?! :)

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