Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Lee Evans- Monster Tour NIA Birmingham

Hello guys!

Last Friday was one of the best nights I have had in a very long time. This was obviously because I had tickets to see Lee Evans! I bought these tickets over a year ago and when the day finally came along, I was too darn excited. He is one of my favourite comedians of all time, with his slapstick humour that is just brilliant to watch. Through out the whole night my face ached from all the laughter and the atmosphere was amazing. To think how supportive every one was of him and yet how nervous he still got, shows you he is still a human being!! But then again, he was filming this show for his upcoming DVD (comes out Nov)..MUST GET! As the show was being recorded, I wasn't allowed to record any videos or take any photos whilst he was performing but I did get some good ones of the stadium and the stage on my new iPhone 6 before hand. OOH! 

Other than being extremely hilarious, he is also very musically talented too. His song dedicated to his wife at the end was a real "aw" moment and it was simply a beautiful note to end the show on. 

What a night! Who is your favourite comedian?

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