Monday, 1 September 2014

Oh hey there September..

Well hasn't September crept on all of us so quickly!? Since finishing my exams in May, I have had a lot of time to myself during this Summer. To think I will be back at Uni, living in a the next couple of weeks scares me slightly. I have still got so much to do before heading back to start the second year of my degree.

Here are a few tasks and goals I want to complete and achieve by the end of September.
  1. Make more friends during this upcoming uni year and spend more time with them
  2. Not be so nervous around people and be more myself and have a laugh
  3. Complete all deadline work near to when it is set, rather than finishing it a day before it needs to be handed in and getting all stressed. Urgh
  4. Invest in a good foundation ;) That is always on the fellow beauty bloggers? 
  5. Balance time in between uni projects, my blog and other hobbies
  6. Discover more blogs..Link me up in the comments!
  7. Wear those Zara tartan trousers!! Blog post to come..
  8. Take more time out from the computer and try to go for a nice walk or run instead
  9. Spend less money!!
  10. Be more happy! *Happiness is a choice*- Shaycarl ha! 
There you go..a few goals I want to achieve by the end of this month. What are your goals for September?..however big or little they may be. :) 

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