Sunday, 14 September 2014

Homeware and Mini Clothes Haul!

As you may or may not know, I am moving into my University house in the next couple of weeks. EEK! Spending far too much money on room decor has become quite evident over the past month or so. I have a few bits and bobs I have bought recently to show you. :) 

The colour scheme I was initially going for was white, grey and black. Very clean looking and very monochrome (of course). However I wanted it to look more homely, so I have added a bit of colour here and there, with the odd pop of purple and pink. 

First off I went in B&M, a shop that sells "everything" quite near to me. This is where I got the black and silver crackled mosaic lamp. "I LOVE LAMP." Seriously though, it is beautiful and only cost £7.99. We all love a bargain. 

The white crotchet pillow and the grey fur pillow were both from Primark. I thought they would look great with the silver/grey bed clothes that I have bought too. Primark is on point when it comes to homeware at the minute. I think both the pillows were around the £4-£5 mark.

The floral lanterns were a must. We all know fairy lights of any type make a room look more cosy and home like. Something a uni room must have, in my eyes! These cute floral ones, I thought would make the room also pop slightly as they add a bit of colour to the room. I need more colour in my life I swear! These cost £6. I also got a matching laundry basket (how cute) for £3.50, and a grey fitted sheet (boring!) for around £4. The cheaper the better I say.

I also nipped into my local dunelm and had a little browse. I caught my eye on a beautiful glass jar. I immediately thought it could hold all my hair brushes and for £2.99, I just had to get it. It would match any kind of decorated room too. I also grabbed a plum coloured tea light holder, to shove on my desk. All I need now is a big ass yankee candle, and I will be happy! :) 

Of course whilst shopping, I had to get a few clothes didn't I? It was also pay day, so ya know. Excuses Rach! 

Primark as I said are on point with their homeware and also their Autumn/Winter range. I couldn't help but notice the amount of collared jumpers they have in stock at the minute. If you are a collar wearer I would get yourself down Primark immediately. The first thing I grabbed was this beautiful grey jumper. It has the softest material ever and the most lovely sparkly necklace collared detailing. Perfect for Autumn/Winter. The purchase just had to be made. I think this Jumper is about £14. Expensive for a Primark jumper but hey ho, I can see a lot of wear will be made of it. 

I also picked up some shoes. These are unbelievably comfy and for £10 they are brill! They have a gold buckle at the front and are very sturdy considering the price! They are also great flats for matching with practically anything! Lav them! 

Finally I ventured back into Topshop and bought another one of the peterpan collared tops. They have them in nearly every colour and they could go with anything too. I have two of these tops now and I love them. With student discount they are £14.40 which I think is really good for Topshop! You can buy it here

That is it from my little haul. Hope you enjoyed! :) 

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