Friday, 26 September 2014

The Bullet Journal..

Hello guys!

So it has come to that time of the year where most students are heading back to school or starting uni and everything can get a little too hectic, especially if you have a load of things to do..deadlines, shopping lists etc. Some people like myself, tend to write lists and notes in many different books and it can be hard to follow all of them and still get everything done. I had been browsing the interwebs (pinterest) and found many people use this "Bullet Journal" method, where everything can be easily written down in your own layout in just one little book. 

As said on the website which you can view here, it is simply rapid logging. A technique that can help you easily identify what is important and weed out the stuff that just isn't. It's the difference between being busy and being productive. 

First off is the monthly calendar. This is where you write down every day of the week and next to it you can write down important events or dates such as birthdays. On the next page I have written down just things I need to get done in that month. This could be washing the car or just reminders of little things you need to do. You can also change the way you bullet each thing. If it is a task add a box of which you can tick once you have completed it. If it is an event use a circle. If you need to look something up on the internet for school use an eye bullet. If something is of high priority add an asterix next to it. This way you can distinguish each task. On the page after you can use a daily calendar, of which you write down things you need to get done that day, writing them as ideas come. Sometimes it can be nice to read your bullet journal before you go sleep, this way it will keep you organised and prepared for the morning after. 

Then you can write individual lists such as shopping lists etc, this is called collections. I have collections such as blog ideas, and for uni I have portfolio skills. This just keeps me up to date with other important things I need to sort out. Keeping them all in one place is so much easier!

I feel this has really changed the way I organise all my work and I find other daily planners to be a bit hard to stick with. With the bullet journal you can adapt everything to be how you want it to be and you just have a lot more freedom with it. It is taking a while for me to get used to it but it is such an easier concept. Also, this doesn't just have to be for students!

If you are interested in starting your own bullet journal and want more information on how to do it you can here.

My journal is the squared paper moleskine A5 notebook from Amazon if anyone is wondering! :) 

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