Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Grateful Heart #2

It has come to that time again where I stumble across Embergrey's blog post and I write about what I am grateful for. I love being a part of this particular link up, because it is slightly different to others I have seen. I also love reading the link up's that other people write up too. It's a breath of fresh air.

Over the past couple of weeks and since my last grateful heart post, I have been most grateful for my Grandma. It was her 85th Birthday on Friday and spending a Saturday night in having lots of laughs *and cake* instead of out in the pub was nice. It is always a lovely feeling being with my Grandma, though sometimes we have our moments, she's always quick on the advice and always makes me feel special and loved. It hasn't been six weeks since I got that call early in the morning that something wasn't too right and that she had fell over during the night and hurt herself bad. Having spent a couple of weeks in the hospital it made me realise just how truly grateful I am for my Grandma. Things like these challenge us, but she will always fight and come out strong on the other side. <3

On a different note, I am grateful I can run. Going out running in the mornings, have been less frequent recently and when I went running for the first time in a month the other day, it was fantastic. Having the energy to run and breathe is one of the most brilliant feelings. I love running around my local reservoir and taking in the beautiful sights, the smell of trees and getting annoyed at those gnats that seem to be everywhere (ha). It makes me very grateful for my life and where I am right now. It makes me smile. 

If you are reading this thinking what is this link up? Then visit Embergrey's blog here! She has inspired me along with all the other bloggers taking part.

What are you grateful for?

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