Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Grateful Heart #3- Friends

Today I am grateful for my friends.

After starting University, I know how hard it is to keep relationships with some of your closest friends. Moving out and making new friends is amazing but the further you live out the less time you evidently spend with some of your old school mates. However when it gets to Christmas and Summer, I get to see them again and it is like they had never left..it is awesome!

What I am trying to get at (haha) is that this past weekend and Summer I have got to spend time with a few of them that I don't get to see everyday, especially when the gloomy uni term starts. We all decided to go on a "final" night out and enjoy down some deathly drinks (The Jager bomb..urgh). The thing I love about my friends is that despite what kind of mood I am in, they never fail to make me laugh or distract me from the "things" that are going on in my life. I am grateful for my friends. Some of them are probably reading this right now..so thanks guys hah! <3

If you want to take part in this Grateful Heart link up, you can at Embergrey's blog, which you can view here. :)

What are you grateful for this week?

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